Ethics Policy

Members of the board of directors (board members) of this Council or Local PTA/PTSA (hereinafter referred to as “PTA”) serve in a fiduciary capacity and owe a duty of care, a duty of obedience, and a duty of loyalty to this PTA. Board members shall conduct themselves with integrity and honesty and act in the best interests of this PTA. Disclosure by a board member of any potential or actual conflict of interest is required by the standard of good faith and for the benefit of the PTA and protection of each individual.

In consideration of our PTA affiliation with the Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers (the Texas PTA), for the protection of its integrity and its 501(c)(3) status, and for our protection, we, the undersigned officers, individually, during our terms of office, shall:

1. Abide by and represent our PTA bylaws, the Texas PTA policies, positions, procedures and National PTA purposes and mission statement;

2. Discharge the duties and responsibilities of our individual offices with fidelity, integrity, and honesty and declare any and all personal and/or extended family conflicts of interest when PTA issues, decisions, and funds are involved;

3. Not misuse the PTA’s federal tax-exempt status or exemption from sales tax for personal or unauthorized purposes nor disburse funds for any purpose other than authorized, budgeted PTA programs, projects, and activities.

4. Refrain from making slanderous or defamatory comments regarding any individual or organization.

5. Follow the Texas PTA and school district guidelines for fund-raising.

6. Abide by the following conflict of interest policy:

  • Board members and/or their families shall not use their relation to this PTA for financial, professional, business, employment, personal, and/or political gain.
  • A conflict of interest exists when a board members would have to participate in the deliberation or decision of any issue of this PTA while, at the same time, the board member and/or his/her extended family has financial, professional, business, employment, personal and/or political interests outside the PTA that could predispose or bias the board member to a particular view, goal or decision.
  • Board members shall declare to the officers of this PTA conflicts of interest (stating the nature of the conflict and pertinent information as appropriate) between their duties of this PTA and their and/or their extended families’ financial, professional, business, employment, personal and/or political interests.
  • When a conflict of interest is declared, the board members shall not use his/her personal influence of position to affect the outcome of this vote and shall leave the room during deliberations and the vote.
  • The minutes of the meeting shall reflect that a conflict of interest was declared.
  • Board members shall not:

a. Use PTA’s name, influence, or resources for their benefit or gain when running for any public elected office or while serving as an elected official.

b. Directly or indirectly use their current PTA position, the PTA name or organization for or against any specific candidate for elected public office, which is contrary to federal tax laws and the guidelines and policies of the PTA.